The impact of the Woodville Marriage

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  • The impact of the Woodville Marriage
    • Political Impact
      • There were no political motives behind the marriage
      • Charles Ross had blamed the marriage for being a major contributing factor to the fall of the Yorkist dynasty
      • People saw that Elizabeth was only suitable to marry gentry or one of Edwards newly created barons, not the King
      • Marriages from Woodville family caused political issues
      • Nobles annoyed at the Woodville's elevation
      • Breaking customs as he should ask nobles for advice first
      • Elizabeth's family were married to members of great families such as William Herbert (One of Edward's new men)
      • Secrecy made it look like Edward was afraid of Warwick making him look weak
    • Impact on the Nobility
      • Led the nobility to question Edward's political judgement
      • Lords feared loosing Edward's goodwill
      • It started  the wheels turning again on deepening court factions which led to discontent among the nobles
      • Suitable marriages with nobles created in October 1464 and 66, but not much land was given
      • Thomas Grey (Elizabeth's son from first marriage) married Anne Holland who was already betrothed to Warwick's nephew
      • John Woodville married Warwick's 65 year old Aunt Catherine Neville
      • Katherine Woodville married Henry Stafford, heir to the Duke of Buckingham and still a child
      • Titles and positions were given to the Woodville family
    • Impact on Foreign Policy
      • Warwick had been forming plans for marriage for Edward and a French Princess
      • Elizabeth's mother Jacquetta Woodville is of Burgundian line who are French enemy
      • Woodville's in favour of Burgundian alliance which soon became the same as the mercantile community who were keen to preserve trading with the 'Low Countries'
      • Conference due in October 1464 between Edward IV and Louis XI of France was cancelled due to the marriage
      • England was left without a French ally
      • Not really any evident impact on the relations between France and England other than the fact that they didn't form an alliance
    • Impact on Edward's relationship with Warwick
      • The secrecy meant that Edward may not be able to trust Warwick anymore so not in the King's confidence
      • Kept secret which humiliated Warwick
      • His influence over the King was declining
      • Woodville marriages angered Warwick as there was no one for his daughters to marry
        • Refused Isabel and George marriage
    • Impact on Edward's relation ship with George Duke of Clarence (brother)
      • Refused the marriage to Isabel Neville
      • Wooville marriages gave hi


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