The Human personality

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  • The Human Personality
    • Theravada Buddhism and The Five Aggregates
      • Perception
        • Our views based on previous experiences
      • Sensation
        • Feelings when we come into contact with things e.g. pain when falling over or joy when seeing a friend
      • Mental formations
        • Thoughts and opinions
      • Form
        • Physics objects e.g. organs or a house
      • Conscious-ness
        • General awareness of the world around us
    • Mahayana Buddhism and the Heart Sutta
      • Sunyata= emptiness
        • Emphasises that nothing has a fixed, independent and unchanging nature.
        • Everything only exists in relation to, and because of, other things.
        • Links to the chariot story.
        • Realising imperman-ence reduces suffering, and realising our dependence on everything else leads to trust, compassion and selflessness.
      • The Heart Sutta reinforces the idea of sunyata.
        • 'Body is nothing more than emptiness'
        • 'The Perfection of Wisdom is the greatest mantra' (links to the Eightfold path and how achieving wisdom and overcoming ignorance is vital to understand the Buddha's teachings and the nature of reality.




Beautifully clear and accurate detailing. 



not all people obey these rules, but maybe half of them

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