the four noble truths

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  • The four noble truths
    • 1.dukkha-there is suffering
      • "birth is suffering ,aging is suffering,illness is suffering ,death is suffering"
    • 2.samudaya-there is reason to suffering
      • "the origin of suffering:it is this craving"
    • 3.nirodha-suffering can come to an end
      • "the noble truth of the cessation (ending) of suffering:it is the ending of that craving"
    • 4.magga-there is a means to bring suffering to an end
      • "if one acts or speaks with an evil mind,from that sorrow follows him...if one acts or speaks with a pure mind, from that happiness follows him"
    • "the truth of suffering is like a disease,the truth of origin is like the cause of the disease,the truth of cessation (end) is like the cure of the disease,the truth of the path is like the medicine "


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