Germany- End of WW1: Nov 1918

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  • Germany: The End Of WW1- Nov 1918
    • 1) Was in a very poor state.
    • 2) Blockade led to lack of food and supplies.
      • People were starving.
      • Riots were breaking out.
    • 3) Navy mutinied (rebelled) against the Kaiser.
      • Kaiser realised situation, became hopeless and abdicated in Oct 1918.
        • Germany was left without a leader and in a mess.
    • 4) biggest political party: SOCIAL DEMOCRATS
      • Leader: Friedrich Ebert
      • Took the job of running Germany.
      • Tried to improve people's lives
      • Better working conditions,  Freedom of speech.
      • Signed Armistice.Withdrew Germany from WW1- Nov 1918.


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