The Earl of Strafford

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  • The Earl of Strafford
    • When parliament attacked personal rule in 1641, its first target was the Earl of Strafford - he was the one they feared the most
    • In 1627 he was imprisoned for refusing to pay the forced loan
    • In 1628 he helped draft the petition of right
    • From 1628  he was loyal to Charles and in 1629 he was appointed President of the Council of the North
    • In 1631 he was appointed Lord Deputy of Ireland where he carried into a practise his version of effective, authoritarian government
    • Strafford and Laud pursued a policy of 'Thorough' (strict control of officials. They believed thatnif the church and state could be made to do their jobs properly, the result would be harmony between the King and subjects.
      • This struck a chord with Charles - he needed a way to make the officials fear him. He introduced the Book of Orders which gave instructions for sheriffs and JP's, clarifying their responsibilities and accountability to the Privy Council
    • He demanded subservience to the crown, refusing to allow the Puritan New English to make a profit at the crown's expense.
    • He riased income from custom duties and forced the Irish parliament to vote subsidies for the King and imposed Laudian uniformity on the Irish Church
    • He increased revenue to build and army, mostly made up of Catholics loyal to the Crown


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