Explaining the gender division of labour

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  • Explaining the gender division of labour
    • Cultural explanations: Inequality in the household is due to patriarchal norms and values
      • Socialisation
        • Gershuny
        • Couples whose parents had an equal division of labour are more likely to have their own
        • Social values are adapting to women working full-time
        • 'Lagged adaption'
        • a gradual shift
      • Shift in social attitudes
        • British Attitudes Survey 2013
        • less than 10% of under 35s agreed with traditional division of labour vs 30% of over 65s
        • there's a cultural march of progress
        • Changes in gender role socialisation= more equal relationships
      • Equality in sexuality
        • Dunne
        • Lesbian couples are more symmetrical
        • 'gender scripts' don't apply to homosexual couples. Free to create more equal relationships
        • Heterosexual couples feel pressure to conform to scripts. Division of labour is based on these
    • Material explanations: Low income means its economically rational for women to stay home
      • CPOW
        • Man Ye Kan
        • For every £10,000 a woman earns she does 2 hours less housework a week
      • High Standard of living
        • Arber and Gin
        • Middle Class women could afford childcare and labour saving devices
        • Working-Class women can't afford these. They're stuck in a vicious cycle of low paid part-time work and domestic responsibilites
      • New Technology
        • Silver and Schor
        • Housework is 'comercialised'
        • The goods and services are 'mass produced' by supermarkets etc
        • These goods reduce the amount of domestic labour. Working women can afford these so housework is decreased


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