GLOBALISATION - The development gap

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  • The development gap.
    • Difference between the richest and poorest people.
      • Between countries: 2015 people in LUXEMBOURG had incomes of $105,000 PY compared to $220 in SOUTH SUDAN.
      • within countries: CHINA's COASTAL CITIES PCI are over $10,000 whereas in the RURAL WEST, under $2000.
    • DEVELOPMENT means progress, usually social (health, diet, life expectancy, housing equality), and economic (income) terms.
    • Measured using:
      • HDI
        • life expectancy, income, years in education.
      • GII
        • Reproductive health of women, their participation in the workforce, and empowerment(higher education and politics involvement).
    • Economic development is measured by:
      • PPP (Purchasing Power Parity)
      • GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
        • Takes into account the cost of living in a country, and measure development using WHO and air pollution levels.


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