the constitution of the second reich

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  • the kaiser
    • the constitution of the second Reich
      • the reichstag
        • elected by men over the age of 25
        • could not hold the kaiser or government accountable
      • the chancellor
        • responsible to the kaiser
        • not a member of the reichstag
      • the Bundesrat
        • represents the 25 states that make up germany
        • had to approve the legislation
        • had the power to alter the constitution
      • the military
        • swore an oath of loyalty to the kaiser
        • the kaiser was their commander in cheif
        • their budget was approved by the reichstag every 5 years
        • they were intolerant to democracy
        • outside the constitution
        • they were hostile to liberalism and socialism
    • can appoint and dismiss the chancellor
    • full power over military and foreign policy


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