the brain

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  • the brain
    • the brain controls complex behaviour
    • the brain is made of billions of interconnected neurones
    • cerebral cortex
      • largest part of the human brain
      • higher thinking skills
        • e.g. speech and decision making
    • cerebellum
      • balance and voluntary muscle function
        • e.g. walking and lifting
    • medulla
      • involuntary (automatic) body functions
        • e.g. breathing and heart rate
    • the complexity and delicacy of the brain makes investigating and treating brain disorders very difficult
      • neuroscientists have been able to map certain regions of the brain by:
        • studying patients with brain damage
        • electrical stimulation
        • MRI scanning
    • treating brain damage and disease
      • e.g. lobotomy- cutting part of the cerebral cortex
        • benefit; thought to alleviate the symptoms of some mental illnesses
        • risks; bleeding in the brain, seizures, loss of brain function
        • procedure was abandoned in the 1950s due to risks


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