B10.4 | Brain labelling and knowledge test | (GCSE AQA Triple Biology)

Hi! This is a knowledge check of things I personally wanted to review. Includes the Biology AQA GCSE- The nervous system. Hope you find it useful :)


Label the diagram& what these parts do

GCSE (Grade 1-9) Biology Revision Worksheets - The brain, The eye ...

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GCSE (Grade 1-9) Biology Revision Worksheets - The brain, The eye ...

A = Cerebellum - controls coordination of muscles 

B = Medulla - control unconscious activities, such as heartbeat and breathing.

C= Cerebral cortex - is concerned with consciousness, intelligence, memory and language

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Questions on the brain

  • 1) What is the brain made up of? [2]
  • 2) How can scientists map reigons of the brain? [3]
  • 3) What are the problems with studying the brain? [3]
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Answers for Questions

  • 1) The brain is made up of billions of neutrons that are all connected [1] and control the complex human body and behaviour [1]
  • 2) Scientists can map the brain by: 
    • Studying patients with brain damage [1]
    • Electrically stimulating different parts of the brain [1]
    • Using MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanning techniques to monitor brain activity when doing certain activities [1]
  • 3) Problems with the brain:
    • Surgery with the brain is difficult because the brain in protected by a very thick and hard skull. [1]
    • Special drugs cannot get into the brain or pass through the membranes surrounding the brain [1]
    • The function of each area of the brain is not fully understood. [1]
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