The Behaviourist Approach

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  • The Behaviourist Approach
    • Classical Conditioning
      • Learning through association
      • Pavlov's dog study
        • Real life applications to treat phobias
        • Unethical because it was done on animals
        • Watch the video
    • A deterministic approach - ignores free will
    • May apply more to animals than humans
    • The Social Learning Theory - Bandura
      • People learn through observation and imitation of others withing a social context
      • Vicarious reinforcement
        • Indirect learning
        • Observing the behaviour of another and imitating it upon seeing it rewarded
      • How cognitive factors are involved in learning
      • Four mental or mediational processes in learning
        • Attention
        • Retention
        • Motor reproduction
        • Motivation
      • People may also imitate behaviour from role models - modelling
      • The Bobo doll study
        • Demand characteristics
      • Underestimates the power of biological factores
      • Explains cultural differences
      • Less determinist


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