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  • The aims of the UN.
    • Arms control and disarmament.
      • Negotiated treaties between countries to reduce the number of weapons they hold.
      • This helps to bring about peace as it means that there are less weapons which hopefully means less deaths.
    • Organising peace talks.
      • Negotiated with different parties so that they can communicate. It has arranged for parties to talk face to face about their problems.
      • This helps to try and bring about peace as they can try and settle their problems by talking and not fighting.
    • Trade restrictions.
      • Arrange for economic sanctions to be made, they decide what goes to who in aggressive countries.
      • This helps to bring about peace as if people in aggressive countries want to buy weapons the UN can restrict it so no more killings.
    • Peacekeeping forces
      • Can vote soldiers from member countries to be sent to an area of conflict to try and prevent violence of it getting worse.
      • This helps to bring about peace as it prevents the violence and can stop people getting hurt as the main idea of a peacekeeper is to keep the civilians safe and sound.
    • Military action.
      • Has the right to use armed forces at aggressive countries. have to vote for this to happen, it is very rare.
      • This helps to bring about peace as people can vote for the right to fight if they need to stand in if it is getting too bad and violent.


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