Telegology Argument

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  • Teleological
    • Aquinas
      • 'Guiding hand'
        • Archer
    • Paley
      • Natural Theology
        • Watch argument
          • Everything works together in complex ways
            • Shows God's care
              • Earwig
      • Design qua purpose
      • Design qua regularity
        • Universal laws - Gravity all works
    • Hume's objections
      • Analogy between a watch and the world is weak
      • We can't say the order of the world is because of an intelligent idea
      • No reason to suggest it is a Christian God
        • No reason to assume just one God.
    • Mill's Objections
      • Natura is cruel
      • Natural disasters
    • Dawkin
      • The blind watch maker
        • No vision. No foresight
          • Science is slowly getting rid of the need for religion
    • Tennant
      • The Aesthetic Argument
        • Activities such as art are not needed to live but are here


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