The Teleological Argument (support)

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  • Teleological
    • Aquinas' 5th way
      • The fifth way is about the governance of the world and an intelligent being who must direct
      • The reason objects in the world perform their job effectively is because they were designed that way
      • ANALOGY OF ARROW = The reason an arrow reaches its target is because an archer directs it there, similar to God and design
      • Design qua regularity
      • Just as a formal garden shows evidence of a gardener, the regularity of the universe shows evidence of a designer [God]
    • Paley's watch
      • A watch is clearly an intricate piece of workmanship,it is designed "and put together for a purpose"
      • Design qua purpose
      • Evidence shows that design in the world is all around and everything seems to be made to fulfil a purpose
        • HUMAN EYE is an example of a complex mechanism which has purpose
      • It is equally reasonable to believe that the universe, with similar complexities to the watch, came about with the power of a designer
    • Tennant
      • Anthropic principle = In response to evolution, such conditions cannot be down to chance, must be designed by God
      • Aesthetic argument = "Beauty is the lost thought of theology" - beauty exists through design not natural selection
    • Swinburne
      • It is far to much of a coincidence [1 in 10 million x23] that we are here today
      • The laws of physics which make earth perfect must exist because of divine intelligence
    • A posteriori - based on evidence of the world around us


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