Technology Materials

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  • Technology
    • Materials
      • Plastic
      • Wood
        • Hardwoods
          • The come from deciduous trees (leaf losing)
          • Required to know; Oak, Ash, Mahogany and Beech
          • Hardwoods are more; fibrous, more compact, denser, better mechanical strength than softwood.
        • Soft woods
        • Wood Types
          • Oak
            • Its hard, durable, tough and high density
            • High quality furniture, boat building, garden benches
            • Contains acid which corrodes steal
          • Beech
            • Tough and hard
            • Used for workshop benches, toys and interior furniture
            • Turns and finishes well
            • Prone to warping
          • Mahogany
            • Durable and medium density
            • Some tropical types can be soft, and prone to warping
            • Finishes well and is fairly easy to work with
          • Pine
            • Lightweight
            • Used for toys, decking and floorboards
            • Nice colour and grows relatively quickly
            • Prone to warping and knots can leave holes
          • Ash
            • Tough, flexible and good elasticity
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