Tavener - The Lamb

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  • Tavener -  The Lamb
    • Background
      • Composed in 1982
      • setting of a poem by William Blake
      • Has been used as an anthem or carol
      • Regarded as postmodernism
    • Rhythm and metre
      • no time signature
      • Performance direction = flexible
      • Rhythm consists mainly of quavers, some long lengths towards the end of each phrase
      • Augmentation applied to the end of each verse
    • Melody and word-setting
      • Word setting mainly syllabic, occasional slurs
      • vocal range in the upper three parts  limited to an augmentated 5th (E flat - B natural)
      • Bass covers a range of a 12th (E-B)
      • Opening motif generates material for the whole piece, consists of 4 pitch circling G (G-B-A-F sharp)
      • Melodic  material derives from inversion of original motif and retrograde
    • Harmony
      • Freely dissonant in the first 6 bars
      • B. 7-10 there are modal cadences and a double suspension, creating the "JOY-SORROW" chord
    • Tonality
      • G major at the opening, becoming...
      • Bitonal with the addition of the E flat alto line
      • Closing in the Aeolian mode on E
    • Structure
      • Strophic
      • Two verses...
      • ...second varied only by its fuller texture
    • Resources and Texture
      • Four part unaccompanied choir (SATB)
      • Restricted dynamics mp-pp
      • Various textures employed...
        • Monophony
        • Two part homorhythm
        • Four part  homophony
        • Octaves
        • Octave pairings of soprano and tenor, alto and bass


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