Systematic Desensitisation

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  • Systematic Desensitisation
    • 1. Systematic desensitisation aims to extinguish an undesirable behaviour such as a phobia.
    • 2. It takes place over a number of sessions depending on the strength of the phobia and the clients ability to relax.
    • 3. Therapists and client jointly agree what the therapeutic goal should be and the therapy is deemed successful once this goal have been reached
    • The four stages
      • 1. Functional analysis
        • Careful questioning to discover the nature of the anxiety and possible triggers
      • 2. Hierarchy of fears
        • Client and therapist derive hierarchy of anxiety provoking situations from least to the most fearful
      • 3. Relaxation Training
        • The desensitisation
      • Gradual exposure
        • Systematic component


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