Systematic desensitisation

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  • Systematic desensitisation
    • Lang and Lazovik(1963)
      • They got people with phobias of snakes an put them into two groups. Group 1 received systematic desensitisation and group 2 received no therapy
      • They found that group 1 showed less of a fear than group 2 and the same people were followed up 6 months after and those in group 1 still showed a reduced fear
    • Developed by Joseph Wolpe(1958)- in 1988 he claims that 80-90% of patients are either apparently cured or much inmproved after an average of 25-30 lessons
    • Fear hierarchy- start with a picture then a video ect
    • Strengths
      • Evidence shows it is quite effective for animal and object phobias
      • the positive effects seem to last longer
    • Weakness
      • It doesn't work for all phobias, particularly social phobias
      • It can be time consuming and expensive
      • if the phobia is due to an unconscious or underlying issue, systematic desensitisation will not remove the cause
    • Alternatives could be flooding or token economy


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