SYNTHS- 16 mark question A LEVEL

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    • VCO
      • voltage controlled oscillator
      • varies oscillation based on voltage input
      • electronic oscillator
    • VCA
      • voltage controlled amplifier
      • gain varies based on control voltage
      • controls output
    • LFO
      • low frequency oscillator
      • also amplitude modulation
      • usually below 20hz
      • creates rhythmic pulse or sweep
    • VCF
      • voltage controlled filter
      • filter cutoff points based on control voltage
    • MIDI= musical instrument digital interface
      • a language, NOT an analogue synths
      • one of the reasons people now prefer software plug ins
    • additive synthesis
      • timbre is created by adding sine waves together
    • subtractive synthesis
      • parts of an audio signal altered or remove by a filter
    • automation
      • when musical instruments are programmed to do things automatically
      • e.g a sequenced trumpet could be automated to pan left- right
      • cant do it on analogue synths
    • portamento- allows you to slide from one note into the next
    • modulation- allows you to 'sculp' the sound
    • ADSR
      • attack
        • how soon the note comes in after hitting the key
      • decay
        • how quickly the note starts to wear off after you take your finger off the key
      • sustain
        • how long the note lasts
      • release
        • how soon the note stops after you take your finger off the key


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