Superpowers cultural influence

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  • Superpowers cultural influence
    • Global culture has been seen as a way to spread a superpowers influence
    • The USA is seen as the most powerful force in cultural globalisation
    • Case Study: McDonaldisation
      • Opened in Des Plaines in 1955 with a profit for the 1st day at $366.12 and has grown to have $41 billion in sales
      • Adopting to different cultures
        • Portugal - only country where soup is served
        • Pakistan - McArabia and the spicy chicken burger
        • Saudi Arabia- no pork products sold as against Islamic law. All meat is halal
        • China- all drinks were in china cups
      • Problems
        • Encourages developing nations to export their crops when most children are undernourished
        • Use lethal poisons to destroy vast areas of the Central American rainforest to create grazing pastures for cattle
        • Workers in catering do not have a specific union so little help with disputes
        • Forcing indigenous tribes from their native lands
      • McDonalds have also donated over $180 million to McDonald's children charities and claim to donate more than $50 million each year


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