Summits (end of cold war)

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  • Summits during the end of the Cold War
    • Geneva 1985
      • Both USA and USSR wanted to talk peace
        • Issued a joint statement - 'a nuclear war must never be fought'
      • Key discussion points
        • Reduce nuclear weapons by 50%
        • Banning chemical weapons
        • Gorbachev hoped to persuade Reagan to drop plans for SDI
      • No concrete outcomes
    • Reykjavik 1986 (Oct)
      • Discussions to limit continental weapons and reduce the range of nuclear weapons (to eliminate them within 10 years
      • Reagan suggested getting rid of all ballistic nuclear missiles
        • Gorbachev refused if SDI was not dropped
      • No concrete outcomes
    • Washington 1987 (Dec)
      • Gorbachev decide to withdraw troops from Afghanistan
      • Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty signed (INF)
        • Elimination of all nuclear missiles with a range of 500-5500km
        • Stockpiles started to be reduced
    • Moscow 1988 (May-June)
      • START was going to be discussed but wasn't
      • Cultural and human rights agreements made
      • SDI still not dropped (conversations lengthy and difficult)


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