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  • Suicide
    • Durkhiem: a scientific approach
      • Categorisation of society
        • Anomic
          • Social bonds are weak
          • People are naturally selfish and look after themselves over others
          • When social order is broken down, the natural selfishness takes over and mostly happens during economic or social changes (such as the Great Depression)
        • Fatalistic
          • Those who daily lives are highly restricted opt for suicide to escape the situation
          • Too much social integration
        • Egoistic
          • Social bonds are weak and there is low levels of social intergration
            • People see themselves above society
          • Religious pressures like how your actions effect the wider church can cause egoistic suicide
        • Altruistic
          • The welfare of individuals is seen as less important than the welfare of the group
          • It occurs when the individual commits suicide for the group
      • Critisms
        • Figure may be wong as countries/cornors or families lie and alter the numbers
        • He didn't carry out the investigation himself - couldn't possibly be valid scientific research
    • Atkinson - social construction of suicide
      • Suicide notes can be found and destroyed to spare the blame on families
      • Mental conditions need to assessed
      • The circumstance and time of death need to be recorded
    • Taylor: Parasuicides
      • Parasuicides is a term used tfor suicide attempts where the person is not certain whether they want to die or not and so gamble with their life
      • Suggest that an "ordeal" category should be created for those who  attempt to commit suicide because iit still tells us about social problems within a society


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