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  • Suicide
    • Suicide is the direct and deliberate taking of one's own life.
    • Suicide a sin against God?
      • Destroying God's creation
      • made in God's image
      • human life is special and sacred
      • against the proper love of self and God
    • Accepted?
      • If there is a just cause.
        • Judas after he betrayed Jesus
        • Samuel 31- Saul lost to Philistines
      • suicide in the bible is accepted in some cases
      • can God forgive?
    • Life after death
      • Resurrection of christ
      • Death is the gateway to new life
        • Paul
      • Want to be with christ
    • How can Christians help a suicidal person?
      • 1. remind them that life is sacred to God
        • they should treasure their life
        • every persons life has meaning and is worth something
      • 2.Only God has the power to give life and take it away
        • It is a sin
        • going against 6th comandment
        • these decisions are better left to God
      • 3. try to help kindly
        • try to persuade them away from it
        • remind of what Paul said about life after death
        • necessary for them to stay alive until the gateway to new life is ready the greet them.
    • Ceased to be a crime in the Uk in 1961
    • still against the law to assist suicide
    • damaged relationship, stress, Alcohol, depression...
    • Job 1:21
      • naked I came from my mothers womb and naked I shall depart
        • the lord has givest life and the lord shall take it away.
          • may the name of the lord be praised
      • decisions of life and death should be left to God
    • Philippians1:23
      • Paul said:I desire to depart and be with Christ
        • which is better by far;
          • but I must remain in body
      • death is not the end but a gateway to new life


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