Religious Beliefs on Suffering

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  • Religious Beliefs on Suffering
    • Hinduism
      • Karma (What goes around comes around)
      • Result of their own actions
      • Learn from mistakes
      • Natural Disasters happens from the play of gods
    • Humanist
      • Don't believe in God
      • Don't believe in an afterlife
      • They believe they are responsible for how they turn out
      • Up to them to fight suffering
    • Muslims
      • Can lead to good
      • Selfishness of others
      • Responsible for their actions
      • Should follow their inner sense(fitrah)
      • Life is a test from Allah (he has a plan)
      • He forgave Adam&Eve
    • Christianity
      • Due to the original sin & free will
      • Follow the 10 commandments & you will not endure suffering
      • It can lead to good things
      • Life is a test (determine their afterlfie)
      • God will reward them


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