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  • Succession
    • pioneer species
      • the habitat starts off unsutable for life due to abiotic factors
      • the pioneer will colonise the area and chnage the abiotic factors
        • makes it more suitable for future species
      • when the pioneers die return nutrients to the soil and environment
      • can survive harsh abiotic conditions
    • primary succession
      • when one one had perviously inhabited
        • eg no soil
    • interspecific competition
      • new species arise due to more suitable abiotic conditions
      • these new species outcompete the pioneers
      • this repeats until the climax community is eventually reached
      • each species chnages the enviromemt - previous species= less suites to conditions
    • secondary succession
      • eg fire or natural disaster = soil is still there
    • climax community
      • when speciesis richness and biodiversity = max
      • when enviroment and conditions and pop are stable
      • eg trees
      • abiotic factors are so favourable so that it can support lots of different species
      • more complex food webs
    • change in the ecological community over time
    • conservation - can prevent succession
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