Subcultural Strain Theories

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  • Subcultural Strain Theories
    • A.K. Cohen: Status Frustration
      • Crime results from the inability of W/C boys to achieve mainstream success goals in the education system
        • So they suffer  Status frustration
          • they resolve this by forming or joining a delinquent subculture
      • Alternative Status Hierarchy
        • They create their own illegitimate opportunity structure in which they can achieve through delinquent actions
      • Evaluation
        • Assumes that the W/C start of with M/C success goals
    • Cloward and Ohlin: three subcultures
      • Evaluation
        • ignores the crimes of the wealthy
        • The boundaries are too tight
        • Wrongly assumes the W/C start of with M/C success goals
      • Not everyone resorts to 'innovation' as a result of lack of legitimate opportunites
        • The key reason is unequal access to illegitimate opportunity structures
          • 3 Subcultures occur as a result
            • Criminal Subcultures
              • Provide youths with apprenticeships utilitarian crime -areas with long-standing crime
            • Retreatist Subcultures
              • Double failures
            • Conflict Subcultures
              • In places of high population turnover, gangs and violence are the only ways to release their frustration


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