Structure of Mozart

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  • Structure of Mozart
    • Exposition
      • First Subject
        • A melody that is characterisedby a falling motif to the repeated rhythm             Played by strings at first
          • In The Key of G Minor
      • Second Subject
        • A Melody with descending chromatic patterns, shared between strings and woodwind
          • In The Key of Bb major  (relative major)
    • Develpoment
      • Based on the first subject, which is developed and fragmented
        • In the Key of: Moves through various keys (starts in F  minor)
    • Recapitulation
      • First Subject
        • The First subject is repeated with some  variation
          • In the Key of G Minor
      • Second Subject
        • The Second subject is repeated with variation
          • In The Key of G Minor
      • Coda
        • Repeated perfect cadences in G minor finish the piece
          • In The Key of G Minor
    • The Movement is in the sonata form,in the key of G Minor


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