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A Practice B Section Answer I created when revising lat year - might not be perfect but I did get a high A* in the Exam! This is for Section B of Edexcel GCSE Music. Note : Chopin and (i think ) Buckley came up in 2011, so they probably won't come up in 2012 - but do check and know them anyway. Also note ( I learnt this from the chief examiner at a course) that one b option will be from AOS 1 and 2 and the other will be from AOS 3 and 4 - this means that you can be really prepared for 6 pieces in advance adn not 12. 

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Mozart's Symphony No 40
B Section Model Answer
Mozart's symphony number 40 is based in a sonata form with a
classical, balanced exposition with two main subjects, development
and recapitulation. This is typical of the classical era from 1750-1830.
It is written in G minor and diatonic, however the second subject
explores B flat major and the development section takes the
exploration of a number of keys. The recapitulation returns the piece to
end in the key of G minor. The first movement of the symphony is very
fast ­ marked molto allegro and has a 4 4 time signature. It is played by
a lessened version of the classical era `symphony orchestra'. Note that
there are no trumpets or percussion which feature in this movement of
the piece. Classical instruments such as the violin and woodwind
sections play the melody which like the structure of the piece has a
clear balance (important to classical composers). The rhythm is
straight and melody is phrased into sections.
Additional Points to Remember:
Sonata form looks at repetition and contrast which can be seen by
Mozart's repeated ideas in the piece
Melody dominated homophony ­ TEXTURE which some
polyphony for interest
Minor keys provides a melancholy feel and pathetique
There is a coda at the end and a codetta at the end of the
Tutti homophonic g minor chords are four emphatic full stops1 to

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