Strategy 3: Madman

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  • Strategy 3: Madman Strategy & push towards peace
    • 'Christmas Bombing' began
      • Nixon's popularity fell
      • International outrage
      • USA suffered heavy aircraft loss
    • Northern Victory
      • Peace Treaty failed - no supervision from ICC or JMC
        • Nixon funded and supported Thieu's regime
        • Nixon failed to provide $75b reconstruction aid to Thieu over 5 years
        • Nixon failed to 'react strongly' if the North attacked
      • No ceasefire between North and South Vietnam
        • China nor USSR would support the North
      • North launched a general offensive and overran the whole of Vietnam
        • South hit bad economic state due to poor harvest, global oil crisis and US withdrawal
    • Fall of Saigon 1975
      • US forces removed
      • General Duong Van Minh replaced Theiu
      • Cambodia and Laos become Communist states
        • Nixon's bombing of Cambodia was condemned by Congress




hey do you think you'd be able to remove the untitled branches from the spider diagram, otherwise a great resource thanks :)

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