Strategies for memory improvement

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  • Strategies for memory improvement
    • Retrieval cues
      • External (context-dependent)
        • memory affected by environment
        • remember best in the environment they were experienced
        • Research
          • Godden and Baddeley
            • support
              • remember best in the environment they were experienced
      • Internal (state dependent)
        • internal psychological state of individual
          • affects memory
        • Darley et al
          • pps that hid money whilst high
            • marijuana
            • more likely to recall in similar high state
          • suppports
            • internal psychological state of individual
              • affects memory
      • Evaluation
        • many studies supporting are lab based
        • effect of mood on memory
          • inconclusive
        • cue-dependent forgetting
          • prime reason for forgetting in LTM
    • Chunking
      • increase STM capacity
      • combine small pieces of info into one larger chunk
      • Research
        • Baddeley et al
          • word length effect
          • length of words being chunked affects recall
      • Evaluation
        • memory capacity= thought of in units of organised info
          • not individual pieces
    • Mnemonics
      • enhance recall of memory
      • LOCI
        • attach items to familiar route in order they need to be remembered
      • Acronyms
      • Research
        • Bower and Clarke :)
          • pps using narrative stories to help recall of noun lists
            • 93% remembered
            • 13% recall= didn't use stories
      • Evaluate
        • usefulness depends on individuals ability to visualize
        • limited to objects not concepts or ideas
    • Active processing
      • subjecting info to deep and meaningful analysis
      • Craik and Lockhart
        • if pps analysed material semantically=  improved recall
        • semantic processing draws upon varied associations within LTM
        • recall= easier as more  recall pathways are established
      • Evaluate
        • untestable and non-scientific circular concept
        • dynamic theory- memory= process not set of passive stores


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