Straight line graphs

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  • Straight Line Graphs
    • Examples of equations on straight lines
      • x=y
      • 2y-3x=7
      • y=-1
      • y=3x=2
      • x=7
      • x=2
    • Can contain
      • an x term
      • a number
      • but it might only contain 2
      • a y term
    • Make a table
      • of x and why numbers
      • and work out the coordinates
        • of x and why numbers
      • Then plot the points.
        • and work out the coordinates
        • Join up the points
          • Then plot the points.
        • Finding the gradient
          • Choose any 2 points on the line
            • draw a right-angled triangle with the line as hypotenuse
              • find the triangle's...
                • vertical length
                  • and horizontal length
                    • vertical length÷hotal length


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