Storage Devices and Media 1

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  • Storage
    • Read Only Memory (ROM) - Chip, cannot be altered by user, contents retained when power removed.
    • Random Access Memory (RAM) - Chip, read and write, can be altered by user, contents lost when power removed
    • Units of memory - 1 ASCII character = 1 byte. 1,000 bytes = 1 kilobyte.  1,000,000 bytes = 1 megabyte.  1,000,000,000 bytes = 1 gigabyte.  1,000,000,000,000 bytes = 1 terabyte.
    • hard drive - cheap, large storage capacity, can fail, prone to damage
    • CD/DVDs/Blu-ray - light, portable, cheap to produce, easily scratched/damaged, limited storage space
    • Zip Drive - sturdy, durable for long term use, disks are expensive, portable drive required
    • Magnetic Tap - cheap, large storage space, sturdy, durable for long term use, slow at reading and writing data, requires tape streamer
    • Memory Sticks - small, light, portable, large storage size, easy to break, data can be lost
    • Solid Stater Disks - lower failure rate, faster access to storage, quieter, expensive, slower to write
    • Online storage - large files can be stored and shared, reliance on company to keep data secure


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