GCSE Computing - Storage

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  • Storage
    • Types of Storage
      • Optical
        • They use lasers to read and write from and to the disk.
      • Magnetic
        • Read by a mechanical head inside the disk drive. This is quite slow.
        • The disk is very susceptible to damage as it is small engineering.
        • Not portable.
        • Large capacity.
      • Solid State
        • Have no moving parts.
        • Unaffected by magnetic fields.
        • Slower access speeds than RAM.
    • Secondary Storage
      • Its is non-volatile.
      • Inexpensive
      • Usually holds more than main memory.
      • Slower access speeds than main memory.
    • Features of Storage
      • Capacity
      • Speed
      • Portability
      • Durabillity
      • Reliability
      • Cost
    • Cloud Storage
      • Cloud storage is off site and maintained by a third party.
      • Some cons include: security is an issue,you need an internet connection,


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