Duration of LTM and STM

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  • STM and LTM Duration
    • Studies
      • Peterson and Peterson
        • Consonant syllable followed by a three digit number
        • Pts had to count back in numbers of 3's or 4's
        • 90% recall with 3 second interval
        • 2% recall with 18 second interval
        • suggests STM lasts 20 seconds without any rehearsal
      • Shepard (1967)
        • shown 612 memorable pictures
        • After an hour there was near perfect recognition
        • after 4 months there was 50% recogntion
        • Bahrick et al (1975)
          • The material to be remembered was more important to the pts
          • Thus recall was better
    • explanation
      • STM lasts for around 20 seconds as shown by Peterson & Peterson
      • LTM can last between 2 hours and 00 years
    • Evaluation
      • The duration of the STM may be even shorther
        • Marsh et al (1997)
          • Pts may not know they have to recall the word, so forgetting could happen as litle as 2 seconds in
      • STM may last longer than first thought
        • Nairne et al (1999)
          • Pts could remember for up to 96 seconds
          • Information remains in STM unless other materials replace it


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