Stewardship in land

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  • Stewardship/ owning land
    • Stewardship
      • Having responsibility to use land carefully, with regard for interests others may have in the land
      • Responsibility to control the land: e.g. develop it, profit from it etc
      • Holding land is incompatible with unrestrained, self-seeking interest
      • Contributing to make sure areas of importance provide food, raw materials, fuel etc. Securing human well-being and development
      • Limited by ecological concerns
    • Owning land
      • Confers power over others
      • Everyone needs access to land
      • Jeremy Bentham- 'society is held together only by the sacrifices that men can be induced to make the gratifications they demand
      • Which is stranger?
        • 1. the idea one person having the absolute right to exclude others from land, or
        • 2. the idea of one person having limited rights in land- whether the product of private negotiation or legal imposition


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