Land Law

What is land law?
the study of the relationship between land and the owner of that land.
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Where is the word 'land' defined?
s.205 (1)(ix) Law of Property Act 1925
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Who are 'owners of land'?
people who have the right to buy and sell land as well as people who have lesser rights such as being able to walk on a piece of land
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Who are 'owners of rights'?
people who have some sort of right over the land, it can be more than one person owning a right over the same piece of land
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What is land?
land is physical and also intangible property. it is not transferable
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What is chattel?
physical, transferable things such as pets, furniture etc.
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What are the rights in land?
incorporeal and corporeal hereditaments
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What are incorporeal hereditaments
intangible rights in land such as the landowner's enjoyment of the land and in most cases, the enjoyment of the owner of the adjacent property
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What are corporeal hereditaments?
tangible rights in land such as the anything growing on the land like grass, shrubs, etc. anything growing under the ground like minerals
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What is a mortgage?
a legal agreement by which a loan is taken out to buy property or land. the loan is secured against the value of your house until it's paid off
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What is a lease?
a legal estate in land which gives the tenant exclusive possession of the property for a limited time
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What are restrictive covenants?
binding conditions written into a property's deeds or contract by a seller which imposes restrictions on what a homeowner can/cannot do with their property in certain circumstances
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What are easements?
the right to enjoy land owned by another person
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What is tenure?
the exchange of rights in land for the performances of services to the superior
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Where is the word 'land' defined?


s.205 (1)(ix) Law of Property Act 1925

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Who are 'owners of land'?


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Who are 'owners of rights'?


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What is land?


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