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  • Stella Kowalski
    • Describing Stella
      • Confident as she always stands up for herself
      • Isn't afraid to tell her husband what to do
      • Unwilling to leave her husband after the violence that he inflicts upon her
      • Married to Stanley and is having their baby
      • Blanche's sister and supposedly left her sister and Blanche had to deal with the deaths of her family on her own
      • Quiet at the beginning of the play and doesn't really speak, instead she listens to her sister
      • Very much in love with Stanley
      • Becomes very weak when Stanley abuses her
    • Quotes
      • "Drunk-drunk-animal thing, you!"
      • "It's a drive he has"
      • "There are things that happen between a man and woman in the dark-that sort of make everything else seem-unimportant"
      • "Mr Kowalski is too busy making a pig of himself"
      • "I couldn't believe her story and go on living with Stanley"
      • "My head is swimming"


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