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  • Stealing
    • Summary
      • A thief describes the most unusual thing he/she has ever stole- a snowman.
        • The thief then goes on to describe other activities and thefts.
          • The poem ends with a direct address to the reader, in which the thief acknowledges that someone hearing what s/he has said would not understand it.
    • Commentary
      • He/she emerges as a frustrated, lonely, unfulfilled outcast with a taste of cruelty.
        • Dramatic Monologue
        • Poem begins with a direct address!
      • The short sentences create a sense of simple immediacy
        • The simile "Slice of ice" in his/her brain recalls the fairy tale of The Snow Queen in which a character is turned mean by a slice of ice that becomes lodged in his eye.
          • The speaker fits classic definitions of sociapathology or perhaps even phycopathology
            • Part of the thrill was knowing that children would cry. The speaker is desperate to exert power over the world because s/he is generally powerless!!!!!!
              • -----This makes it pleasurable to someone who feels entirely ignored and overlooked!
                • DOMINATION!
    • Theme
      • Crime
        • Cruelty
      • Alienation


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