A Christmas Carol Stave One

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  • Stave One
    • "Solitary as an oyster"
      • SIMILE
        • Hard exterior
          • Scrooge is tough on the outside but might be precious on the inside
        • Protects a pearl
          • Scrooge protects his money as if his life depends on it
    • "Hard and sharp as a flint"
      • SIMILE
        • First used in arrows - used to hurt
          • Scrooge hurts people around him by being selfish
        • Used to start a fire
          • Suggests Scrooge has the power within him to be passionate and heart-warming
    • "Decrease the surplus population"
      • Scrooge doesnt view the poor as people like him
      • Many hungry people in the 1840s, known as the 'Hungry Forties'
        • Scrooge doesn't care about the starvation


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