Stave 2 Scrooge Grade 9

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  • Scrooge STAVE 2
    • Stave 2 -'the spirit touched him on the arm, and pointed to his younger self, intent upon his reading'
    • Stave 2- 'There's more of gravy than of grave about you, whatever you are!'
    • Stave 2- 'why it's Ali Baba!' Scrooge exclaimed in ecstasy... One Christmas time, when yonder solitary child was left here all alone, he did come, just like that'
      • 'a man  in foreign garments: wonderfully real and distinct to look at'
    • home's like heaven' 'I was not afraid to ask him once more'
    • [Scrooge]' his heart and soul were in the scene'  'He corroborated everything, remembered everything, enjoyed everything'
    • [Scrooge about Fezziwig] 'He has the power to render us happy or unhappy' 'The happiness he gives, is quite as great as if it cost a fortune'
    • '... I should like to be able to say a word or two to my clerk just now'
    • Intercontextuality
    • Another idol, has displaced me, ... a golden one.... You fear the world to much... beyond the chance of its sordid reproach'
      • The idols of the heathen are silver and gold' Psalms 135:15
    • been a spring-time in the haggard winter of his life'


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