Scrooge in Stave One

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  • Stave 1
    • Decrease the surplus population.
      • Social responsibility.
      • Doesn't view the poor as people.
      • Hungry forties in the 1840s, Scrooge is happy to ignore the starvation.
    • Hard and sharp as flint.
      • Similie.
      • Flint used in arrows- used to hurt.
      • Used to start a fire - means Scrooge has the power to be passionate and warm.
    • Solitary as an oyster.
      • Similie.
      • Deep under the sea.
      • Has a pearl inside.
      • Hard exterior.
      • Reader may feel sorry for Scrooge.
    • He tried to say "Humbug!" but stopped at the first syllable.
      • First sign of change.
      • Willing to accept change.
  • Historical Context
  • Meaning
  • Theme
  • Reader Reaction
  • Technique
  • Quote


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