Stae crime

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  • State crime
    • Human rights
      • Herman and schwendinger argued that violation of human rights should be the way state state crime should be defined
        • Any action that violates human rights should be classes as crime if legal of not
          • Therefore by this definition countries that deny women the vote should be seen as criminal
      • Two main catagories of human rights
        • Civil rights: made by humans eg right to education, vote
        • Natural rights: come from simply being a human eg right to live, being free
    • States denial of the abuse of human rights
      • The spiral of Denial- Cohen (3 stages)
        • Stage 1: 'It didn't happen' State claims it didn't happen
        • Stage 2: 'If it did happen 'it' was something else' The state says it was self defence instead of murder
        • Stage 3: 'Even if it is what you say, it's justified' eg to fight the was or terror, if things are proven as they appear the state claims their actions were justified
      • Neutralisation theory- Sykes and Matza
        • Denial of injury: The state is the real victim, self defence
        • Denial of victims: The target is not the victim, their behaviour is much worse than the states
        • Denial of responsibility: They were acting on orders of somebody else/ doing their duty
        • Condemnation of the condemners: Criticism is unfair, other states have committed worse crimes
        • Appeal to higher loyalties: bigger reason for committing crime than personal gain, serving a higher cause
        • Make their actions seem reasonable rather than deny them


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