Standard enthalpy change

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  • Standard Enthalpy of a reaction.
    • Standard set of conditions: Temperaure - 298K (25 degrees)   Pressure: 1 atmosphere/ 100kPa     Solutions: 1 Mol dm3
    • Standard enthalpy of a reaction: It is the enthalpy change when the number of moles of reactants as specified in the balanced equation react together.
    • q = mc delta T
      • q is the enthalpy change in joules.
      • M is the mass of substance (solution)
      • C is the specific heat capacity (4.18)
      • DELTA T is the temperature difference.
    • You cannot measure enthalpy change directly because of:-High activation energy -slow rate of reaction and more than one reaction taking place
    • Hess' law: The (total) enthalpy  change for a reaction is the same whichever route is taken
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