Stages of Attachment

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  • Stages of Attachment - Schaffer (1996)
    • 2. IndiscriminateStage
      • 3 to 7/8 months
      • They prefer familiar people but will still allow strangers to handle and look after them
      • Infants begin to discriminate between familiar and unfamiliar people
    • 4. Multiple Attachment Stage
      • 9 months onwards
      • Infants form emotional strong ties with other major caregivers
      • Fear of strangers weaken, but attachment to the primary figure remains strongest
    • 1. Pre-Attachment Stage
      • Birth to 3 months
      • Show preference to familiar adults by smiling at people or being easier to calm
      • Infants become attached to other humans, preferring them to objects and events.
    • 3. Discriminate Stage
      • Infants develop specific attachments, staying close to certain people and becoming more distressed when separated from them
      • 7/8 months onwards
      • They formed a specific attachment to the primary attachment figure
      • Avoid unfamiliar people and protest if strangers try to hand;le them


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