Spiritualism and Ghosts as evidence for life after death

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  • Spiritualism
    • Are ghosts evidence of survival beyond death?
      • Would they be evidence of resurrection? as they are the recognisable form
      • Or.. Immortality of the soul as they do not have material bodies
      • Or.. The existence of a consciousness beyond death
      • Criticisms
        • Hoaxes or tricks make people think they have seen a ghost
          • Dr Chopra = bodies are comprised of energy. Could be just impulse energy. Imprint of individual's conscious
        • The 'stone tape' theory - stones will record dramatic events and 'play them back' when same conditions are present
        • Mistaken identity eg. trick of light
    • Is Spiritualism evidence of survival beyond death?
      • Involves communication between those in the spirit world and the living
      • Messages give comfort to bereaved as suggests loved ones are still alive in another dimension
      • Criticisms
        • Investigations of some mediums have proved they are frauds


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