Physics P3 Speed

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  • Speed
    • Measuring Speed
      • The formula for speed is...
        • average speed = distance / time
          • We write average speed because the speed of a car changes during a journey
      • The speed of a car at a certain point in time is called instantaneous speed.
        • distance travelled = average speed x time
          • distance travelled = [(u+v)t] / 2
      • Increasing the speed means increasing the distance travelled in the same time. Increasing the speed reduces the time needed to cover the same distance.
    • Distance-Time Graphs
      • Distance-time graphs allow a collection of data to be shown. It is easier to interpret data when they are plotted on a graph than when they are listed in a results table.
      • The gradient of a distance-time graph tells you about the speed of the object. A higher speed means a steeper gradient.
        • If the gradient increases then this shows an increase in the speed of the object.
      • A straight line indicates that the speed is changing.
        • A curved line shows that the speed is changing.
      • gradient = AC/BC = (20-10)/(5-0) = 2
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