specific latent heat

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  • specific latent heat
    • specific latent heat is the energy needed to change state
    • when you heat a solid or liquid your transferring energy to the kinetic energy stores of the particles in the substance, making the particles vibrate and move faster
    • when a substance is melting or boiling your still putting in energy but the energy is used to break inter-molecular bonds rather than raising the temp
      • the flat surfaces on a graph is when the energy is being used to break inter-molecular bonds
    • when a substance is cooling, bonds are being formed between particles which means energy is being used this explains flat surfaces
      • . This means that temp does not go down until all the substance has turned into a liquid
    • specific latent heat is diff for different materials and for different changes of state
    • changing between a solid and liquid is specific latent heat of fusion
    • changing between a liquid and a gas is called specific latent heat of vaporisation
    • formula
      • thermal energy for a change in state= mass*specific latent heat


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