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  • Specialisation
    • Differentiation
      • Refers to the changes occuring in cells of a multicellular organism so that each different type of cell becomes specialised to perform a specific function
    • Cells can differ in a number of ways
      • The number of a particular organelle
      • The Shape of the cell
      • Some of the contents of the cell
    • Erythrocytes
      • Red Blood Cells
      • cells destined to become Erythrocytes lose their Nucleus, Mitochondria, Golgi and Rough ER
      • Packed full of preotein Haemoglobin. The Shape of the cell changes to become biconcave discs.
    • Sperm Cells
      • Energy( ATP) for movement is generated by the mitochondria.
      • The Sperm Head contains a specialised Lysosomme that releases Enzymes onto the outside of the egg so the sperm can penetrate.
      • Long and Thin - Streamlined
      • Tail to propel it.
      • Contains Half the number of Chromosomes
    • Root Plant Cell
      • The Hair Like Projections greatly increase Surface Area.


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