South Asia floods 2007

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  • South Asia floods 2007
    • Causes
      • Human factors
        • Deforestation in Nepal and the Himalayas
        • Urbanisation due to migration
        • Collapse of old earth dams caused further flooding
      • Physical Factors
        • Monsoon came suddenly after a very dry, early summer.
        • Heavy rainfall, Assam had a record 169.5mm in 24 hours on 22nd July
        • Long duration of heavy rainfall saturated soil increasing surface run off
        • Peak discharges of River Ganges and Brahmaputra coincided increasing river discharge downstream
    • Impacts
      • Social
        • Over 2000 people died - reluctant to evacuate, poor transport links, children couldn't swim
        • Over 100,000 caught water-borne diseases
        • 25million made homeless
      • Environmental
        • Rivers polluted with sewage
        • Fertile silt deposited on the flood plain
      • Economic
        • 1Billion US dollars
        • Factories closed, many of the poorest workers became unemployed
        • Widespread loss of cattle, 80% of Bangladesh rely on agriculture


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