Sources of The British Constitution

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  • Common Law
    • Sources of the constitution
      • Statue law
        • Laws from Parliament
        • Examples; The Scotland act 1998
        • Approved by Commons and Lords and monarch
        • Enforced by the courts
      • Authorative works
        • Legal and political texts
        • No legal authority, just some 'persuasive' authority
        • Guides
        • Examples; Walter Bagehot's the English Constitution
      • Convention
        • Not legally binding
        • Traditions carried on and now considered common practice
        • House of laws not being able to block anything in the manifesto
      • EU Law
        • Britain joined the EU in 1973
        • Abide by the laws of the EU
    • Derived by the courts
    • Fills the gaps in the current laws
    • Adapt and interpret to situation
    • Used to guide future law makers
    • Example; protection for homeowners from a burglar


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